Scope of Work

The Business Development Scope of Work defines our processes, confirms our approaches, and clarifies our mutual expectations.

Attract companies likely to find the Company an attractive prospect

‒ formulate actions plans based on assignment, needs, clear parameters of understanding
‒ generate preliminary development pipeline
‒ research target leads and/or partners

Leads may be unverified, unqualified, predominantly one-way communications. Referrals are typically pre-verified, pre-qualified, and both parties consent/agreed to be introduced. In addition, leads/referrals may include, but not limited to, companies expanding their international operations and/or leveraging their global footprint.

Assess for suitability, minimize redundancy and conflicts with existing efforts

‒ systematically profile, approach, contact, screen and qualify leads/referrals
‒ develop and promote interest on behalf of the Company
‒ secondary evaluation/screening with confirmed interest that meet criteria
‒ submit qualified prospects to the Company

Prospects are verified, confirmed/interested in dialogue, and screened not only for suitability, but to minimize redundancy and conflicts with existing outreach efforts. In addition, essential collateral and media materials should support marketing activities by highlighting key incentives and feasibility (including supporting data, geo-strategic locations, et al).

Engage preparation, orientation; and as appropriate, follow-up meetings

‒ develop short-list high-priority prospects
‒ facilitate introductions between the Company’s representatives and potential targets
‒ participate, organize and/or attend meetings at relevant events
‒ specific meeting deliverables with qualified prospects include:

pre-meeting preparations
‒ agenda development & framework
review meeting roadmap for understanding and agreement
identify topic, outcome, and process

coordinate/attend meeting
‒ conduct meeting summary, analysis, conclusions, and recommendations
‒ review next steps and action items
‒ identify strengths and improvement opportunities

post-meeting follow-up
establish common focus and objectives
find mutual benefits and review considerations
identify next steps and action items

Activities include meeting preparation and orientation; and as appropriate, follow-up meetings to gain traction, and sustain Company’s business development. Acceptable meeting types include onsite, offsite, and video conferencing.

Other considerations may include other services as requested by the Company from time to time as the need arises and/or pursuant to plans and procedures provided by the Company. These services, identified on a case-by-case basis, and billed separately per Schedule B, may include, but not limited to:

‒ strategic, tactical, operational plan development
‒ coordinate and manage cross-functional relationships
‒ assist the relevant team and offer ongoing insight

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