Scope of Work

The Market Engagement Scope of Work defines our strategy to evaluate present and future brand portfolios, conduct brand assessments including trends in the market, customer acquisition, and competitive brand strategy analysis.

Market Analysis & Research

Applied structure and assembly of data to study strength/weaknesses, re: competition, industry, sub-industry, sector, market.

‒ market feasibility studies
‒ business opportunities identification
‒ competitive intelligence, qualitative and quantitative research

Engagement Strategy & Planning

Highlight key advantages and feasibility. Develop understand and uncover a step change in value for your operations to improve practical decision-making to foster competitive agility.

‒ develop product strategy for localization
‒ partner search: distributors, suppliers, joint ventures, consortiums
‒ facilitate contract negotiations
‒ perform due diligence

Branch Office & Subsidiary

Gather and submit practical data to support geo-strategic locations. Anticipate viable industrial/commercial evaluation and inspection process based on current and future opportunities.

‒ business formation
‒ location set-up
‒ interim management and hiring of staff

Industry Events & Outreach

Support essential marketing activities. Deploy tactics for differentiation and competitive advantage

‒ marketing communication strategy
‒ public relations and media planning
‒ advertising and promotional campaigns
‒ industry events, forums, roundtables support

Branding & Promotion Strategy

Assist in the planning and/or actualisation of goals and objectives, by designing brand management processes and organizational structures with clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

‒ formulate actions plans based on assignment and needs
‒ establish clear parameters of understanding
‒ build brand portfolio and positional strategy
‒ enhance brand architecture and structure
‒ capture business value along the life-cycle and adjacent markets
‒ engineer outward-looking strategic positioning
‒ incorporate competitive sector intelligence
‒ define brand KPIs to monitor and evaluate brand value

Intellectual Property

protection while expanding into local and international markets

‒ formulate actions plans based on assignment and needs
‒ establish clear parameters of understanding
‒ generate preliminary tasks
‒ identify related concerns, assignments, including creation, defensive publishing, audits

Develop better understanding of the commercial and technology patenting landscape, including innovation strategy support, value creation and extraction.

Industry Standards Implementation & Certification

‒ identify relevant certifications, standards, registrations, et al
‒ provide application process assistance
‒ generate preliminary tasks, re: associated regulations, documents, inspections, audits
‒ identify related concerns and assignments
‒ incorporate certificates and accreditation into marketing strategy

Understand, identify, and evaluate process requirements, relevant standards, certifications, accreditations, and registrations to improve production/operational efficiency, enhance product quality, and support continuous improvement.

Additional information, re: Market Development, including Market Planning and Market Building can be found at:

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